Joshua Hanna is an award-winning film music composer with over 20 years experience working in media. His unique compositions have been featured in radio, film, television and iPhone/iPad/Android Apps.

Joshua formed The Golden Spindle in 2009 with a dream and passion to create quality music, sound, and voice overs. Not only does he create original music, voice overs, and Apps, but he assist other companies, including App developers, online gamers, educational and corporate websites, and ibook writers adding music, voice overs and sound effects to their product.

As a composer, Joshua strives to push the boundaries of music, experimenting with new sounds to create something that has never been done before. In his case, he’s not only experimenting, but he’s actually achieved his goal. Joshua created an innovative book series unlike any available in the market today. In it he explores unique ways of seeing and hearing music using shapes, analogies, breathtaking visuals, and original music composition that reaches across all generations, young and old.

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Voiceovers for your Apps
Music Book Series
Music and Sound Design for Apps
Flora Fish Game Series
How to make your app stand out
I offer male voice over recordings using a state of the art studio with industry standard equipment. We also offer professional sound engineering and original music composition that will guarantee your voice over recordings a special place in a very competitive field.


The most innovative music book to date!

The most innovative music book to date has arrived! We guarantee that you have never learned to play, read or compose music until you’ve read this book series. Click on the picture to see amazing new learning techniques today!


Turn your app into a hit with high quality music, themes and sounds!
Joshua is passionate about using his music and engineering skills to add quality to all fields, whether film music, radio or television. He has worked with well-known App developers adding quality sound effects and music to their product. Don’t settle for a basic music library when you can have original music suited for your personal App. You would be amazed at how music and quality sound can literally make or break your App success.


An exciting new game series is coming to an app store near you!
Flora Fish! A game that mixes strategy with learning. If you’re looking for a fun and educational game that you and your family can play together, Flora Fish is the one to download. Click on the picture to find out more about this exciting new blast of fun!


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